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Healthy, radiant skin

At Matisse Salon & Spa our staff promises to deliver the pampering services you deserve while helping you obtain the look you desire.

Our experienced, professional, and talented staff understands the art of “Natural Beauty Enhancement” and would like to help you capture and maintain your own special look.

At last, a salon that caters to your needs…

Visit us for an experience you will cherish. On your first visit, a complimentary hair and skin consultation will be our gift to you.

Matisse Signature Facials


European Deep Pore Facials

The ultimate refining treatment that will benefit any skin type clearing away surface blockage and removing impurities from the skin. A special solution containing botanical extracts, vitamins, and enzymes is used to treat your skin followed by an aromatic facial massage leaving your skin with a radiant, healthy glow.

Rosacea Cooling Facial

This gentle and relaxing treatment is designed to repair skin prone to redness and irritation. Specially formulated botanical extracts and vitamins are used to hydrate and desensitize the skin leaving it cooled and renewed.

Gentlemen’s Spa Facial

A treatment that addresses men’s specific skin care needs alleviating shaving problems such as razor burn, breakouts, and folliculitis (ingrown hair). The treatment begins with a deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation under steam, followed by an aromatherapy face massage and customized masque to recondition the skin leaving it balanced and energized,


Micro controlled peeling gently removes epidermal cells to treat a vast range of imperfections .

Microdermabrasion works in two ways:


The speed of the crystal flow causes an abrasive action that gently removes surface layers of the skin, allowing smoother, fresher skin to emerge.


The vacuum action helps stimulate microcirculation, increasing the blood supply that provides nutrients needed for skin regeneration. It also stimulates formation of new collagen to improve skin texture and elasticity. The Micro controlled peeling system gradually abrades epidermal cells to treat a vast range of skin imperfections with immediate visible results.

A gentle solution for:

Sun damage
Uneven skin texture
Fine lines and wrinkles
Enlarged pores
Superficial scars and stretch marks

Age and skin condition determine the number of treatments required results. For most skin disorders, a minimum of six treatments is recommended. Results can be seen in both the texture and appearance of the skin after one session.

Ask about our special series prices.

Glyco Smoothing Peel

Our most powerful treatment. This peel contains high levels of glycolic acid for instant results. The glyco smoothing peel instantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles as it softens the skin for a healthier, smoother and younger looking complexion.

Matisse Spa Body Treatments

Sea Salt Glow and Body Bronzer

Enjoy the warm glow of a golden tan while avoiding the damaging side effects of the sun. Using a blend of sea salts and essential oils, we gently massage and exfoliate your skin to a soft silky glow. A flawless application of our Jane Iredale Bronzer will leave you with a natural looking tan in two to three hours.

Spa Pricing


Signature Facials   For Him   For Her
European Deep Pore Cleansing 95 95
Rosacea Cooling Facial 70 70
Gentlemen’s Spa Facial 65 65
Microdermabrasion 150 150
Glyco Smoothing Peel 80 80


Spa Body Treatments   For Him   For Her
Sea Salt Glow and Body Bronzer 95 95